George Whitesides Secures Spot in November Election, Faces Off Against Incumbent Mike Garcia in CA-27


Mar 7, 2024 - Former NASA Chief of Staff and aerospace businessman George Whitesides has advanced to the November general election after prevailing in the top two primary held tonight. He will be competing against Republican incumbent Mike Garcia for California's 27th Congressional District seat in what is expected to be a closely watched race.


The district, categorized as a "toss-up," holds significance for both Democrats and Republicans aiming to secure control of the U.S. House. Historically leaning Democratic, the district notably supported President Biden by a significant margin. Whitesides heads into the general election with notable fundraising momentum, boasting a $1 million advantage over Garcia and securing numerous endorsements.


Meanwhile, Garcia is facing scrutiny over ethics complaints and allegations of insider trading. His legislative record closely aligns with former President Trump's agenda, which has garnered criticism for its extreme positions and contentious statements.


In his post-primary statement, Whitesides underscored his commitment to serving the community and tackling critical issues such as rising costs and threats to reproductive freedom. He presents himself as a problem-solver with a demonstrated history of job creation and community protection.


As the campaign intensifies, voters will confront a distinct choice between Whitesides, emphasizing pragmatism and community-focused leadership, and Garcia, who is portrayed by Whitesides as an entrenched party adherent. Whitesides seeks to bridge partisan divides and rally support from both Democrats and Republicans as he outlines his vision for the district's future.