Assemblywoman Schiavo Introduces AB 2499 to Extend Sick Leave for Survivors of Violence


Mar 6, 2024 - Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo, D-Chatsworth, has introduced Assembly Bill 2499, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at extending unpaid sick leave to individuals and families affected by violent or traumatic events. This bill seeks to address gaps in current labor laws, ensuring that survivors and their families have the time needed to heal without the fear of job loss.


Statistics revealing the adverse impacts of crime on workers have underscored the necessity of such legislation. Research indicates that one in six victims of violent crime report job loss or demotion due to the need for time off, while 53% of domestic violence survivors have lost their jobs due to their circumstances.


Legal Aid at Work has voiced support for AB 2499, emphasizing that individuals should not have to choose between supporting their loved ones through traumatic experiences and maintaining their employment. Similarly, Californians for Safety and Justice highlighted the importance of providing pathways for healing in communities to prevent the exacerbation of cycles of crime and harm.


AB 2499 represents a crucial step towards ensuring that all Californians have the support they need to heal and feel safe in the aftermath of violence or trauma.